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Are you a toy company?

We are always talking to toy companies that are passionate about fun, and who believe that they are delivering tools for children and adults alike to have a great time, bond, and grow. If that sounds like your company, drop us a line to have a chat about how we can have your products join the good ranks in and around Singapore.

Are you a retailer / distributor?

Whether you sell on-line, manage a brick & mortar store, or distribute toys, you are chief evangelists, and also do the hard work of bringing the boxes of happiness to the world waiting to have fun. We'd love for you to join our cause and share the passion.

Are you a purveyor of fun?

Do you run an event space and want to work with us to organise a speciality event? Or perhaps you're an event planner and want to plan a day of fun and bonding for an office group? Or are you looking for educational and fun programs to run in schools or clubs? Oh the endless possibilities of having fun, and we want to be there to help you put smiles on faces. 

Do you just wanna have fun

Simple! Grab the toys off our website or visit our retail partners, then be sure to tell us what you think. Share with us how you are having fun with your friends and family. Having trouble with your toys or need new play ideas, let us know and we'll help you out. Make sure you join our mailing list to keep updated on our events.