Cobble Hill Create Your Own Puzzle: 5x7in Postcard

This 12 piece blank 5x7in postcard lets you create your own message for special occasions.  It is durable enough to accept paints or markers.  The back of each postcard puzzle is designed with a place to write your name and date, making it a memorable keepsake.  And it's light enough to drop in the mail, making it an extra special delivery!

Your Very Own Masterpiece and Puzzle 
Nothing beats creating your own masterpiece jigsaw puzzle, either from scratch, or filling in your favourite colours.  Perfect for your special message to a special person, proudly hanging up on the wall or as a keepsake.  These blank puzzles are made with high-quality board and are sturdy enough for paints.  Aspiring jigsaw puzzle artists - here's your chance to create a puzzle that's just the right amount of difficulty, and yet comes together beautifully once completed. Try not to make it too difficult, or well... see who can make the most frustrating challenge for a friend! 

Tray Size: 7x5in (17.8x12.7cm)  |  Number of Players: 1+

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