Cobble Hill Floor Puzzle 36pc: Mystical World

It's the Mystical World of fairies and treants.  Where creatures come alive and stars becoming living constellations.  And only in this world will one find a pink horse!  Let kids get lost in this 36-piece floor puzzle.  They may even want a blanket and pillow to take a nap on it as they drift into fantasy land...

Floor puzzles are exactly as they sound, puzzles one does on the floor. We offer two piece counts: 36 piece and 48 piece. The puzzle is typically 2 feet by 3 feet with extra large pieces. Each piece is larger than a small child's hand so there is a lot of detail on one piece, which makes it easy to identify where the piece best fits. Floor puzzles are a great way to spend time with young children because there is often lots to talk about once the puzzle is completed.

Finshed Size: 36x24in (91.4x61cm)  |  Number of Players: 1+  |  Made in North America


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