Cobble Hill Colouring Puzzles: Nature

Kids can use their imagination to bring animals to life at 'The Beaver Dam', in the 'Rainforest, and on the 'Plains of Africa'.  The box includes three Nature puzzles with 24 pieces to assemble and colour.

Now Kids Can Have Even More Creative Fun!
Nothing beats creating your own masterpiece jigsaw puzzle, filling in your favourite colours to bring the images to life.  Colouring Puzzles all come with 3x24 piece puzzles so that you can choose the design to work on first, or share with your friends and family.  Perfect for bringing along to playdates, meetups and visits to grandparents.  

Each Finished Size: 10x13in (25.4x33cm)  |  Number of Players: 1+  |  Made in North America


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