Cobble Hill Floor Puzzle 36pc: Higgledy Piggledy Farm

It's crazy town on Higgledy Piggledy Farm as Farmer Ted tries to mow the lawn with all the ducks and animals running about. The little pigs are just too curious!

Floor puzzles are exactly as they sound, puzzles one does on the floor. We offer two piece counts: 36 piece and 48 piece. The puzzle is typically 2 feet by 3 feet with extra large pieces. Each piece is larger than a small child's hand so there is a lot of detail on one piece, which makes it easy to identify where the piece best fits. Floor puzzles are a great way to spend time with young children because there is often lots to talk about once the puzzle is completed.

Finshed Size: 36x24in (91.4x61cm)  |  Number of Players: 1+  |  Made in North America


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